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    ATM Receiver Chip

    The Receiver chip receives incoming data from the PHY layer. It is fully pipelined and stores cells in external SRAM to reduce system cost. The ATM Receiver Chip provides the following functions:

    • Runs at 622 Mbps (OC-12c)
    • HEC Validation - Performs 2-bit error detection and 1-bit error correction on the ATM cell header. It can be turned off if the PHY layer performs error detection and correction.
    • VPi/VCi Lookup - Uses the full 28-bit VPi/VCi fields and line index to access an internally used index, while the ATM cells move through the pipeline. Both UNI and NNI cell types are supported.
    • Policing - Checks bandwidth used by incoming cells per connection. It increments a counter when a cell is discarded. One of six standard policing modes can be selected per connection.
    • AAL5 Reassembly/Buffer Management - Reassembles up to 62 AAL5 frames simultaneously. Frames are selected transparently from the total of 16,000 connections and are stored in external SRAM that is organized as a 64-bit logical FIFO shared memory. Buffer management is performed completely in hardware.
    • Control Traffic Extraction - Decodes and optionally copies or diverts AAL5 frames, OAM cells, and other flows to the micro-processor. Performance monitoring c an be selected for a total of 16 connections.
    • Switch Header Insertion - Inserts the routing header that the ATM switch uses to determine the output port.

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