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  • Ericsson (Ericsson Components Inc. ) : ATM Pipe Switch

    ATM Pipe Switch

    This is a general-purpose ATM switch with a modular design that can be used in public and corporate networks, supporting a numberof broadband applications and network configurations.It has a non-blocking switch core, and is designed for virtual connections with various bit rates. It can handle both point-to-point and point-to-multipoint connections. Drawing on experience gained from earlier generations of ATMswitches and technology prototyping, the ATM Pipe Switch is built up from just two key components: the ATM Input Circuit (AIC) andthe ATM Output Circuit (AOC).These c omponents form the base for a large number of switchproducts, ranging from small switches and concentrators with 20connections for 155 Mbit/s, up to large switches with 80 Gbit/scapacity, non-blocking.The AIC and AOC are full-custom circuits designed with 0.8 umBiCMOS technology. The AIC has the equivalent of 0,5 milliontransistors; the AOC has the equivalent of 2.2 milliontransistors.

    Technology: 0.8 BiCMOS
    Package: unknown 0 Pin

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