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    Linear (Linear Technologies ) : LT1722 / LT1723 / LT1724

    Single, Dual, Quad 200MHz Low Noise Precision Op Amps

    The LT1722/LT1723/LT1724 are single/dual/quad, low noise, low power, high speed operational amplifiers.
    These products feature lower input offset voltage, lower input bias current and higher DC gain than devices with comparable bandwidth. The 200MHz gain bandwidth ensures high open-loop gain at video frequencies. The output drives a 150 ohms load to 3V with 5V supplies. On a single 5V supply the output swings from 1.5V to 3.5V with a 500 ohms load connected to 2.5V. The amplifier is unity-gain stable.
    The LT1722 is available in the SO-8 and 5-pin SOT-23 packages.
    The LT1723 is available in the SO-8 package.
    The LT1724 is available in the 14-lead SO package.


    • 3.8nV/Rt.Hz Input Noise Voltage
    • 3.7mA Supply Current
    • 200MHz Gain Bandwidth
    • Low Total Harmonic Distortion: 85dBc at 1MHz
    • 70V/s Slew Rate
    • 400V Maximum Input Offset Voltage
    • 300nA Maximum Input Bias Current
    • Unity-Gain Stable
    • Capacitive Load Stable Up to 100pF
    • 23mA Minimum Output Current
    • Specified at 5V and Single 5

    Example Application

    example line driver application

    Technology: ADSL
    Package: unknown 0 Pin
    Linux support: No

    external WWW: Linear Technologies : http://www.linear.com/prod/datasheet.html?datasheet=851 web page used to be available at: http://www.linear.com/prod/datasheet.html?datasheet=851

    external PDF: Linear Technologies : http://www.linear.com/pdf/172234f.pdf PDF documentation used to be available at: http://www.linear.com/pdf/172234f.pdf
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