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    3com (3COM Corp. ) : OCR 812

    OfficeConnect Remote 812 ADSL Router

    3Com OfficeConnect Remote 812 ADSL Router The 3Com® OfficeConnect® Remote 812 ADSL Router is an external full rate ADSL modem with router functionality for up to four users connected via an Ethernet hub. The topology can be extended (up to 40) by means of additional hubs and switches. The router supports VPN tunnel origination and encryption, as well as 3Com SIP phones.
    MTK-2140 (by Alcatel)
    • Number of computers for DSL service:
      • Up to 4 directly to router,
      • up to 40 with more hub or switch ports added
    • WAN services:
      • Full-rate ADSL services include ITU G.992 (G.dmt) and ANSI T1.413, Issue 2;
      • sub-rate ADSL services include ITU G.992.2 (G.lite)
    • Protocols supported:
      • IP (RIP v1, RIP v2),
      • IPX,
      • 802.1 transparent bridging,
      • learning bridging,
      • DHCP,
      • NAT/PAT,
      • DNS Server,
      • static addressing,
      • UNI 3.1,
      • Unit 4.0,
      • RFC 1483 (Multiprotocol over ATM),
      • PPP,
      • PPPoE;
      • PPTP and L2TP VPN initiation;
      • IGMP Proxy;
      • MPPE;
      • SIP phone support through PAT or Address Translation;
      • 40-, 56-, 128-bit encryption
    • Port/WAN: 1 ADSL (RJ-11 connector)
    • Ports/LAN: 4 10BASE-T (RJ-45 connector)
    • System requirements/Ethernet port: Computer with 10BASE-T interface and IP stack, or SIP phone
    • Minimum requirements/included software: Windows 95 or later PC with a CD-ROM drive
    • Speeds:
      • G.dmt: Up to 8 Mbps downstream (to subscriber) and 1 Mbps upstream (from subscriber);
      • G.lite: Up to 1.5 Mbps downstream and 512 Kbps upstream
    • Management:
      • Manageable using any SNMP management application or command line interface via Telnet and console port;
      • local HTML- or Wizard-based installation, configuration, and management using a standard Web browser
    • Height: 13.3 cm (5.3 in)
    • Width: 23.5 cm (9.3 in)
    • Depth: 16.8 cm (6.6 in)

    Technology: ADSL (G.992.1)
    Linux support: Yes

    external WWW: 3COM Corp. : http://www.3com.com/prod/en_EU_EMEA/detail.jsp?tab=prodspec&sku=3CR414492-US http://www.3com.com/prod/en_EU_EMEA/detail.jsp?tab=prodspec&sku=3CR414492-US

    external PDF: 3COM Corp. : http://www.3com.com/other/pdfs/products/en/400561_002_4.pdf http://www.3com.com/other/pdfs/products/en/400561_002_4.pdf

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