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    Xpeed (Xpeed Networks ) : X300 PCI

    X300 PCI Adapter

    Xpeed 300 PCI SDSL Modem Xpreed's X300 SDSL PCI Adapter is an internal SDSL modem with PCI interface. It supports symmetric data rates up to 2.32 Mbps. 


    • Physical WAN Connection 
      • RJ45 connector 
    • Speeds 
      • Symmetric: User programmable up to 2.32 Mbps 
    • Loop Length 
      • 9,000 feet to 22,000 feet 
    • PVCs 
      • 8 PVCs supported
    • Interoperability
      • Copper Mountain Networks
      • Interspeed, Inc.
      • Lucent Technologies
      • Pulse Communications
    • Protocols Supported 
      • 1. Frame Relay 
        • Core (T1.618) 
        • LMI (T1.617, Annex D) 
        • Multiprotocol Interconnect over Frame Relay (RFC 1490) 
      • 2. Point-to-Point Protocol (PPP) 
    • Operating Systems 
      • Windows" 95/98/NT 4.0
    • Line Coding 
      • 2B1Q 

    Technology: SDSL
    Linux support: No

    external WWW: Xpeed Networks : http://www.xpeed.com/Products/x300/x300_c.html http://www.xpeed.com/Products/x300/x300_c.html

    external PDF: Xpeed Networks : http://www.xpeed.com/Products/x300/300ds.pdf http://www.xpeed.com/Products/x300/300ds.pdf

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