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  • Neolec (Neolec Components GmbH ) : Freeway DSL Professional

    Freeway DSL Professional

    Neolec - Freeway_DSL_Professional. The Neolec's Freeway DSL Professional is an external ADSL modem with bridge and router functionality. It provides for Ethernet and USB connectivity. The ADSL router connects to the 4 ports 10 / 100 Based-T Ethernet interface of individual PCs or LANs. A GUI based configuration program is provided as well.
    GlobeSpan's Viking


    • Annex A or B support
    • U-R2 compliant for Annex B
    • Dying Gasp supported
    • Plug-and-Play for installation on computer with Ethernet
    • Management through SNMP, HTTP, Telnet
    • 4 ports switching Ethernet supported
    ADSL Compliance
    ANSI T1.413 Issue 2
    G.992.1 (G.dmt)
    G.992.2 (G.lite)
    ATM protocols
    Supports up to 8 Virtual Channel Connections (VCCs)
    Supports UBR and GFR services
    AAL layer (AAL5 & SAR)
    OAM F5/F4
    Ethernet over ATM (RFC 1483)
    IP over ATM (RFC 1577)
    PPP support
    PPP over AAL5 (RFC 2364)
    PPP over Ethernet (PPPoE, RFC 2516)
    PPP over ATM (RFC 2364)
    Bridge Mode
    Up to 1000 hosts
    Ethernet to ADSL self learning Transparent bridging (IEEE 802.1D)
    Supports bridged PDU encapsulation (RFC 2684)
    Supports MAC address learning
    Supports bridge filtering and forwarding function
    Router Mode (Router only)
    RIP 1 & 2 dynamic and static routing
    DHCP (RFC 1541) / IPCP (Internet Protocol Configuration Protocol (IPCP) RFC 1332
    Network Address Translation (NAT) / Port Address Translation (PAT)
    Virtual Server Mapping
    DNS proxy
    PAP or CHAP for user authentication
    Quality of Service (QoS)
    Unspecified Bit Rate (UBR), Guaranteed Frame Rate (GFR) and CBR
    Supports SNMP v1 MIB and MIB II
    Text-base management that can be configured locally via console (Reserved in PS2 jack) and remotely via Telnet.
    TFTP (Trivial File Transfer Protocol) and FTP for firmware upgrade, configuration backup and restore
    Web-based (HTTP) configuration
    Dying Gasp
    Layer 2 MAC Address Filtering
    IP filtering and firewall
    LED indicators
    Physical Requirement
    Dimensions: 175 mm (Width), 145 mm (Depth), 34 mm (Height)
    Weight: TBD
    Physical Interface
    WAN interface: One ADSL line RJ-11 port
    LAN interface: 4 RJ-45 ports for 10/100M switching Ethernet LAN connection
    Console: CLI function reserved in Ethernet port 1 for system configuration
    USB: One USB for PC connection
    Reset Bottom: For system re-boot
    Power Switch: For power on and off
    Power Requirement
    Device Input: DC 15V/1A +/- 5% with power consumption < 10W

    Technology: ADSL (G.992.1)
    Linux support: No

    external WWW: Neolec Components GmbH : http://www.neolec.de/consumer/index_freeway_dsl_professional_de.html http://www.neolec.de/consumer/index_freeway_dsl_professional_de.html

    external PDF: Neolec Components GmbH : http://www.neolec.de/consumer/download/pdf/freeway_dsl_professional/db_freeway_dsl_professional.pdf http://www.neolec.de/consumer/download/pdf/freeway_dsl_professional/db_freeway_dsl_professional.pdf

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