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    Fore (Marconi) (Fore Systems (which new belongs to Marconi) ) : ForeRunnerLE

    25 Mbit/s - 155 Mbit/s ATM Adapter

    The ForeRunnerLE family is a desktop and small workgroup ATM adapter family with both 25 Mbps and a 155Mbps adapters. PCI-based, the ForeRunnerLE is a fourth-generation adapter from FORE. Designed and developed to address the market needs for a cost-effective, highly reliable and feature-rich workgroup and desktop ATM adapter, the ForeRunnerLE continues to reduce footprint and component count while delivering ATM performance at industry-leading price/performance. Drivers are available for Windows 95; Windows NT 3.51 & 4.0; NetWare 3.12 & 4.x; OS/2 Warp 3.0 & 4.0; Open Transport 1.1

    Information used to be available at:

    Linux Drivers are not provided by Marconi.
    However the following links might provide useful information:

    Special thanks to Babu C T from Processor Systems (India) Pvt. Ltd.

    external WWW: Fore Systems (which new belongs to Marconi) : web page used to be available at:

    external PDF: Fore Systems (which new belongs to Marconi) : PDF documentation used to be available at:
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