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  • Sican (Sican GmbH ) : ATM155-SSC

    General Overview

    Whether you want to speed your text and data transmission or to run distributed multimedia applica-tions, the ATM155-SSC brings the advantages of ATM network technology to your desktop. With our network interface card, numerous applications can communicate simultaneously with their counterparts.
    The ATM155-SSC network interface card allows SBus-based systems like SPARCservers® and SPARCstations® to participate in high speed ATM networks. The ATM segmentation and reassembly device provides a highly integrated solution for network exhausting applications like real time CD-quality audio, full-motion video and high-speed data communication.
    ATM technology makes your network much faster than shared media networks like FDDI or even fast ethernet. It ensures that your applications get the network bandwidth they need.

    SC-Duplex Transceiver

    A SC connector interfaces to a duplex 62.5/125µ multimode fiber (2 km max.). Other examples of physical media interfaces are available upon demand.

    SBus Interface /AAL5 SAR

    All necessary functions for variable bit rate data transfer (AAL5) are per-formed in the hardware. Transparent AAL0 frame processing for constant bit rate services can be done by the software.
    Located on a single slot SBus card, a segmentation and reassembly device (SAR) provides optimized ATM cell and AAL5 frame functions.

    Control Memory

    The architecture of the device supports CBR, VBR and UBR traffic. Using 128 KByte of local 32 KB control memory, the ATM155-SSC offers support for up to 255 virtual circuits on the transmit side and up to 1023 virtual circuits on the receive side. Each virtual circuit can be individually configured concerning bit rate and AAL type.

    SONET/SDH Chip (STS-3 /STM-1)

    The adapter card contains a single chip receiver / transmitter for transporting 53-Byte ATM cells at SDH/STM-1 and SONET/STS-3c data speeds of 155 Mbps. Electromagnetic interference is significantly reduced by an on-chip clock circuit that generates an output speed of 155.52 Bit/s from a 19.44 MHz oscillator.

    Solaris 2.x Device Driver

    The ATM SBus Adaptor provides transparent support for the classical TCP/UDP/IP protocol stack and a general purpose programming interface that enables direct access to the ATM-specific network features. The software is ready to support evolving standards.

    Standards Compliance

    • ATM cell processing per ANSI T1.627; ITU-T I.361, I.363 and ATM Forum UNI V4.0 specification
    • SBus specification IEEE1496
    • ATM Forum LAN-Emulation over ATM V2.0 LEC
    • ATM Forum LAN-Emulation Service optional

    SBus PROM

    The SBus SAR provides an external SBus configuration PROM to support its initialization and error-handling functions. The PROM can also beused for device-specific initialization and other booting mechanisms.


    • Fully compliant with ATM Forum UNI v3.1
    • Solaris® 2.x operating system support
    • Supports the new ATM Forum LAN emulation standard for transparent use of existing ethernet and token ring environments
    • Supports up to 255 channels on the transmit side and 1023 channels on the receive side
    • Features ATM Adaptation Layer for variable bit rate services
    • Onboard SAR chip performs full duplex ATM and AAL processing
    • Self-identifying single slot SBus card behaves as SBus slave and as direct virtual memory access master with 32 and 16 byte bursts
    • High-performance SONET/STS3c and SDH/STM1 physical layer interface
    • Supports full duplex 155 Mbps data transmission over 62.5/125µ multimode fiber
    • Dynamically loadable, cloneable, multi-threaded device driver with auto configuration support

    Technical Specifications

    The ATM155-SSC is compatible with any SBus-based SPARC® platform equipped with an available SBus slot and running under Solaris® 2.x operating system.
    • SBus Clock: 16.67 - 25 MHz
    • Dimensions: single slot SBus card
    • Power Consumption.: 1 A max. @ +5V


    • Operating Temp.: 0°C - 70°C
    • Humidity: 5%-95% non-condensing

    Documentation used to be available at:

    external WWW: Sican GmbH : web page used to be available at:

    If you are the producer of this NIC and want to correct/update the presented information, please feel free to register for direct database access.
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