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  • SNT - invalid (Switched Network Technologies ) : EntraNIC

    PCI 155 / 25 Mbit/s ATM Adapter

    EntraNIC ATM adapters provide either 25 or 155 Mbps network connectivity for Microsoft Windows NT 4.0 and Windows 95 client workstations. Software designed for EntraNIC adapters support the transparent execution of existing network applications from traditional shared networking media, such as Ethernet, over ATM. Applications that once contended for bandwidth, receive the required amount of fixed or variable bandwidth needed to improve overall network predictability and performance.

    EntraNIC adapters comply with ATM Forum and ITU (International Telecommunications Union) standards for interoperability. The half-size PCI bus card includes memory, physical adapter, and Segmentation and Reassembly (SAR) functions necessary for ATM connectivity. The 25 Mbps EntraNIC adapters support either CAT3, CAT4 or CAT5 network connections using standard RJ45 connectors. The 155 Mbps versions support either CAT5 with RJ45 connectors or multimode fiber using SC connectors.

    EntraNIC software is based on the SNT Common Software Architecture (CSA). It supports operating system specific packet management optimized for Novell and Microsoft networks with ATM Forum standard cell adaptation. EntraNIC adapters also support up to 4,096 ATM VCIs (Virtual Channel Identifiers) and up to 256 VPIs (Virtual Path Identifiers). Simple downloads of new drivers using SNTs EntraSIGHT configuration and management tool provide upgrades to EntraNIC resident software.

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