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    ATM (Advanced Telecommunications Modules Ltd. (ATM) ) : VL 1000

    VirataLink PCI/ISA Adapter

    VIRATAlink is a highly integrated, flexible ATM adapter, combining the ATM25 physical layer, RISC microprocessor, 1 MB of DRAM and a PCI or ISA bus interface. The embedded RISC processor controls all aspects of the ATM line interface: packet segmentation and re-assembly, rate pacing, flow control, link management, and signalling. This innovative design minimizes the load placed on the PCs CPU - an important benefit, in view of ever more demanding desktop applications. CBR cell pacing is performed using the ATM Forum GCR (Generic Cell Rate) algorithm. ATM signalling conforms to the standard Q.2931 protocol. The ATM25 physical layer operates at 25.6 Mbps full duplex. Existing 10Base-T wiring can be used for distances up to 100m over Unshielded Twisted Pair category-3 (UTP-3) links. PC drivers are provided to support data traffic from existing applications and protocol stacks. PC applications can make direct use of ATM/AAL5 through an API providing ATM specific extensions to the Winsock 1.1 and Winsock 2 API. VIRATAlink has a standard PC/AT form factor.

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