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  • Fore (Marconi) (Fore Systems (which new belongs to Marconi) ) : ForeRunner HE 155 and HE 622

    155 Mbit/s and 622 Mbit/s ATM adapter

    There are two line speed versions of the ForeRunnerHE ATM adapters - the ForeRunnerHE155and the ForeRunnerHE622.

    Fore Runner HE 155 and 622

    Utilizing 33/66 MHz PCI bus speeds and 64 bit data transfer options, ForeRunnerHE adapters ensure maximum performance allowed by standards. With silicon support for the ATM Forum ABR specification and up to 4,000 active virtual circuits (with any mix of CBR, VBR, UBR, and ABR) ForeRunnerHE adapters provide industry-leading functionality.

    Delivering 155 Mbps and 622 Mbps of full duplex bandwidth to connect servers directly to ATM backbones, the PCI-based ForeRunnerHE adapters are perfectly designed to manage the bandwidth demands of data, while still ensuring the quality of service (QoS) needed for voice and video.

    Servers with dual PCI buses can use multiple ForeRunnerHE 622 adapters on a single IP interface for 1.2 Gigabits of available bandwidth.

    ForeRunner HE 155 and 622 Technical Specifications

    ATM Support: Marconi's NetPro ASIC supports UBR, CBR, VBR and ABR;
    OC-3c (155 Mbps) and OC-12c (622.08 Mbps) full duplex capabilities
    Operating Temperature: 5 to 40 C, up to 10,000 ft
    Operating Humidity: 20 to 80% RH, non-condensing
    Storage Temperature: -40 to +70 C, up to 30,000 ft
    DMA Support: Maximum Burst Size:
    384 bytes, (HE 155/HE 622 write);
    1,536 bytes, (HE 622 read);
    768 bytes, (HE 155 read)
    PCI Bus: Designed to Universal Peripheral Component Interconnect (PCI) 2.1/2.2 specification;
    PC or Server PCI 2.1, 33/66 MHz (66 MHz only on ForeRunnerHE 622), 32-bit addressing;
    32- or 64-bit data
    3.3 V or 5 V;
    Universal PCI short form factor;
    Cache-line aware design for efficient bus utilization
    Power Requirements: Electrical:
    15 watts @ 5 volts;
    Transmit Power: -14 to -20 dBm; (HE 155/HE 622)
    Receiver Sensitivity:
    -14 to -30 dBm (HE 155)
    -14 to -26 dBm (HE 622)
    Host Interface: Full bus mastering, dynamic burst sizing, multiple programmable interrupts, receive queue prioritization, TCP checksum calculation
    Memory: 2 Mbytes of synchronous DRAM for buffering, support for 4,000 VCs
    Platform Support: Intel Pentium and PentiumPRO and Pentium II;
    Sun Microsystems SPARC;
    SGI Origin/Onyx 2;
    DEC Alpha (WindowsNT only)
    Multimode Fiber: Duplex 62.5 /125
    2,000 meters maximum, 10 dB loss;
    SC connector;
    UTP: 2-pair, 100-ohm Category 5 or Category 5 screened UTP cable;
    100 meters maximum;
    RJ-45 connector
    Emissions/Electrical Compliance:
    Safety: UL1950/CSA 950, EN60950, EN60825, IEC 825.1, IEC825.2
    EMI: FCC Part 15, Class A, EN55022 Class A, VCCI Class 1, TS016
    EMC: EN50082-1, EN50022
    ATM Support: ForeThought Software including MPOA, LANE 1.0, and CLIP (RFC1577); AAL5, AAL0 and AAL1 support (via AAL0); UNI 3.0/3.1
    Value-added Software: Marconi's load-balancing/failover software supports multiple IP interfaces in a single system;
    Lapp QoS for legacy application service guarantees
    Industry-standard APIs: XTI and Winsock2 for native ATM programming

    external WWW: Fore Systems (which new belongs to Marconi) : web page used to be available at:

    external PDF: Fore Systems (which new belongs to Marconi) : PDF documentation used to be available at:
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