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Producers of ATM ICs and Modems/NICs

+ 3com 3COM Corp.
+ Adaptec Adaptec
+ ADI Analog Devices Inc.
+ Advance Advance Logic Corporation
+ Agere Agere Systems
+ Agilent Agilent Technologies (former HP Semiconductor)
+ Allied Allied Telesyn
+ Altera Altera Corporation
+ AMCC Applied Micro Circuits Corporation
+ AMD Advanced Micro Devices
+ Ascom Ascom Tech. Broadband Technology
+ Atecom ATecoM GmbH
+ Belfuse bel FUSE
+ Conexant Conexant Systems, Inc.
+ ConnectWare ConnectWare
+ Cypress Cypress Semiconductor
+ DEC Digital Equipment Corp.
+ Efficient Efficient Networks, Inc.
+ Endace Endace Accelerated
+ Fore (Marconi) Fore Systems (which new belongs to Marconi)
+ Franklin Franklin Telecom
+ Fujitsu Fujitsu Microelectronics Europe
+ GEC - invalid GEC Plessey Semiconductors
+ Hitachi Hitachi Semiconductor (America) Inc.
+ HST HST High Soft Tech GmbH
+ IBM IBM Microelectronics
+ IBM IBM Corp.
+ ICST Integrated Circuit Systems
+ IDK Institut für Datenkommunikation Chemnitz GmbH
+ IDT Integrated Device Technology
+ IGT Integrated Telecom Technology
+ Infineon Infineon Technologies AG
+ Iphase Interphase Corp.
+ LSI LSI Logic Corperation
+ Madge Madge Networks
+ MAZ Mikroelektronik Anwendungszentrum Hamburg GmbH
+ Microcosm - invalid Microcosm Communications Ltd.
+ MicroLinear Micro Linear
+ Mindspeed Mindspeed Technologies
+ Mitel Mitel Semiconductor
+ MMC MMC Networks Inc.
+ Motorola Motorola Semiconductor Products Sector
+ MUSIC MUSIC Semiconductors
+ National National Semiconductor
+ Newbridge Newbridge Networks
+ Novacom Novacom Technologies Ltd.
+ Olicom Olicom A/S
+ Philips Philips Research Laboratories
+ PMC PMC Sierra Inc.
+ PROSUM Prosum Networking Products
+ Pulse Pulse Engineering Inc.
+ RapidWAN RapidWAN
+ Raytheon Raytheon Semiconductor
+ SEEQ - invalid SEEQ Technologies Inc.
+ Sican Sican GmbH
+ SK Syskonnect
+ SNT - invalid Switched Network Technologies
+ Soliton Soliton
+ Sun Sun Microsystems, Inc.
+ Synergy Synergy Semiconductor (now Micrel)
+ Temic Temic Semiconductors
+ Thales Thales Research Ltd.
+ Thesys Thesys Advanced Electronics GmbH (now Melexis)
+ TI Texas Instruments Incorporated
+ Toshiba Toshiba America Electronic Components
+ Transwitch TranSwitch Corporation
+ Triquint TriQuint Semiconductor
+ Valor Valor Electronics Inc. (now Pulse Inc.)
+ Vitesse Vitesse
+ VLSI - invalid VLSI Technology Inc.
+ Wincor Wincor Nixdorf GmbH & Co. KG
+ Wintegra Wintegra, Inc.
+ Zarlink Zarlink Semiconductor
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