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    The STAF VLSI device is a SONET/SDH transceiver and framer. It combinesmultiplexing, demultiplexing, SONET/SDH framing, clock synthesis PLL,and loopback functions in a single monolithic integrated circuit.Implementation with the STAF requires only a simple external RC loopfilter and standard TTL and ECL power supplies. For optimalperformance, the STAF is packaged in a 68-pin multi layer ceramic (MLC)surface-mount package with an integral CuW heat spreader. The STAFprovides physical interfaces for STS12/STM4 (622.08-Mbit/s) orSTS3/STM1 (155.52-Mbit/s) SONET/SDH systems.The STAF meets ANSI, Bellcore, and ITU requirements for a SONET/SDHdevice. With a 51.84-MHz reference clock, the phase-locked loop (PLL)provides 77.76MHz or 19.44-MHz output for the multiplexer and 77.76MHzor 19.44MHz and 51.84-MHz output for the demultiplexer.

    • Byte-parallel multiplexing, demultiplexing, framing, and clock synthesis PLL in one device
    • Choice of STS12/STM4 or STS3/STM1 transmission rates
    • Configurable master or slave reference clock generation and PLL bypass for external clocking
    • 77.76 or 19.44-MHz output for the multiplexer and 77.76 or 19.44-MHz and 51.84-MHz output for the demultiplexer
    • External RC loop filter
    • Pass-through mode and three loopback modes for enhanced field diagnostics
    • Frame-synchronous and byte-aligned demultiplexer output, according to SONET/SDH framing standards
    • Search, detect, and recovery of framing on out-of-frame (OOF) input
    • Standard TTL and differential or single-ended ECL I/O (except TXCK)
    • Tristate TTL output for factory circuit-board testability
    • Dual-supply operation (+5V, -5.2V)
    • Low power dissipation (1.9W nominal)

    The part is packaged in 68-pin surface-mount package with integral heats.

    Technology: unknown
    Package: unknown 0 Pin

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