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    CDB - ATM Cell Delineation Block Device

    The Cell Delineation Block (CDB) is an ATM cell interface device. TheCDB function is to extract ATM cells from, and insert ATM cells into, a line interface signal having one of several possible transmission formats. This function corresponds to portions of the Transmission Convergence (TC) sub layer and the ATM Layer in the BISDN Protocol Reference Model. Specifically, cell delineation is performed by means of a Header Error Control (HEC) byte search. Cell rate adaptation is also performed by generating and terminating unassigned ATM cells of a specified format.The CDB also supports a limited cell address screening function. A programmable VPI/VCI number register and VPI/VCI mask register are provided. Each incoming cell with address matching in all VPI/VCI bit positions which are not masked will generate an "Address Match"indication. Features are

    • ATM cell delineation per ITU I.432
    • ATM cell rate adaptation
    • Selectable cell output: FIFO, SARA, and UTOPIA (Universal Test Operations Physical Interface for ATM)
    • Identifies OAM F4 cells and non-user cells
    • Operation from 1.544 Mbit/s to 155.52 Mbit/s
    • Programmable interfaces to DS1, DS3, E1, STS-1, STS-3c, and STM-1DS3 interface with HEC-based mapping of ATM cells
    • Interfaces with TranSwitch SOT-1, SOT-3, DS3F, JT2F

    Documentation used to be available under:

    Technology: 0.65 Low Power CMOS
    Package: PQFP 144 Pin

    external WWW:

    external PDF:

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