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  • TI ( Texas Instruments Incorporated ) : TNETA 1575

    ATM Segmentation and Reassembly Device

    The TNETA1575 ia an ATM SAR device with a peripheral component interconnect PCI-bus interface and a coprocessor interface (COPI). The TNETA continues the line of TIs ATM SAR devices from the TNETA 1561 and the TNETA 1570. Features have been extended to include the COPI interface, which interfaces to the external scheduler with high-performance features to eliminate polling on the PCI bus. Features are

    • Support of SAR according to specs I.361 und I.363
    • integrated 32 Bit PCI 2.1 interface
    • provides simulaneous segmentation of up to 2048 packets
    • provides reasembly of up to 2048 packets
    • provides full VPI/VCI support for transmit and receive operations
    • supports CBR traffic via High-Priority Mechanism or Local Static Scheduler Table
    • Backward compatible with TNETA 1570
    • provides support for ABR traffic via COPI interface
    • provides support for VBR-nrt, VBR-rt, and UBR traffic via COPI interface
    • trasnmit-channel sleep mode prevents the SAR polling channels when no packets are queued
    • supports buffer scatter/gather mechanism

    Technology: unknown
    Package: PQFP 240 Pin

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