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    The ATMizer Architecture provides complete control over ATM Segmentation and Re-assembly and all ATM Layer functions. The architecture also includes the ATM Processing Unit, a 32-bit RISC CPU (based on MIPS R3000), which, trough user firmware, controls the functional blocks. Features of the ATMizer architecture are

    • Support ATM rates of up to 155 Mbps.
    • Simultaneously supports ATM Adaption Layers 1,2,3/4 and 5.
    • Handles continuous and non-continuous CS-PDUs.
    • 32 bit DMA addressing capabilities.
    • Supports up to 65536 VCs.
    • The internal RISC CPU controls: Scatter-Gather algorithms. AAL SAR PDU Header and Trailer translation, ATM Header generation and manipulation, Error Handling, Congestion Control, statistics
    • UTOPIA and Standard ATM Interface (SAI).
    Cooperation project with ascom.

    Technology: unknown
    Package: MQFP 208 Pin

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