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    Mitel (Mitel Semiconductor ) : M590500

    AAL 1 Interworking Unit

    The M590500 IC from Mitel Semiconductor works in ATM AAL1, and the segmentation- and reassembly Layer. The IC simultaneously processes as many as 1024 bidirectional ATM VC connections to terminate 1024 full-duplex, 64 kbps voice channels. The device enables ATM edge switches, ATM access concentrators, and private branch exchanges to connect ATM to time-division-multiplexed (TDM) environment of the Public Switched Telephone Network. With the MT90500, designers can concentrate telephone connections originating from 42 T1 or 32 E1 TDM lines into one chip for ATM processing.

    A selection of clock-recovery options alllows flexibility for processing timing between legacy telephony- based TDM networks and ATM networks. The built-in clock state machine are suitable for systems that handle TDM clocks in ATM networks. The devices ATM connections are through UTOPIA Level 1 interfaces to standard ATM physical layer devices. A second UTOPIA port lets you connect an AAL5 SAR processor for data communications or to cascade another MT90500, doubling the TDM voice capacity. The TDM bus interface supports most standard telephone serial-data stream buses at 2.048, 4.096 and 8.192 Mbps.

    Technology: unknown
    Package: PQFP 240 Pin

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