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  • Microcosm - invalid (Microcosm Communications Ltd. ) : MC2042

    LED Driver IC

    The MC2042 is a full custom CMOS IC designed forhigh-speed LED drive in low-cost optical fiber based transmissionsystems. Depending on the LED used, datarates to 300Mbps canbe achieved.The LED drive current is set by resistor. To improveLED 'on' time, a pre-emphasis circuit is included, which may beset via a simple RC network.To minimise the effects of temperature on LED outputpower, LED drive temperature compensation can be set by resistorover a 0 - 10,000 ppmC range.Differential Pseudo-ECL (PECL) data on the inputpins can be shaped, if desired, by the differential voltage onthe Pulse Width Adjust (PWA) pins. In addition, the Vbb output pin allowssingle-ended input to the MC2042 and provides compatibility withindustry-standard FO modules.The MC2042 and MC2040 are pin- and functionally compatible,except that MC2042 has the extra Vbb function (pin 1), has somewhatimproved LED drive rise & fall times, and an extra Groundconnection. Customers are recommended to include support for bothMC2040 and MC2042 in new designs. (E.g. leave the Vbb pin unconnectedon the PCB if not required.)Features include

    • Single chip solution, available as die or in 16pin SOIC. Fabricated in deep sub-micron CMOS for lowest cost &power consumption and long term reliability.
    • Resistor programmable 100mA drive current.
    • RC programmable pre-emphasis or 'peaking' circuitgiving drive current rise and fall times <500ps; datarate to300Mbps+, depending on LED
    • Resistor programmable compensation for temperaturedependence of LED output power.
    • 'PECL' input with optional Pulse Width Adjust.
    • Vbb bias generator and output pin.
    • Supports all LED types (e.g. 660 to 1300nm)
    • Single +5V operation; 3Volts operation option.

    Technology: CMOS
    Package: SOIC 16 Pin

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