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  • MAZ (Mikroelektronik Anwendungszentrum Hamburg GmbH ) : DAS 330

    Inter networking Unit

    The IWU DAS 330 is designed for transmitting E1/T1 constant bit rate traffic over ATM. The device supports simultaneous segmentation and reassembly on up to 32 virtual channels assigned to Nx64 Kbps E1/T1 time slots. The device also provides multicast and broadcast functions by copying the user information of cells into multiple time slots.The IWU DAS 330 provides a byte parallel ATM i nterface at 155 Mbps. This interface is used to connect to other MAZ devices such as the 4x4 Switching Element DAS 340 or devices from other manufacturers. At the PCM interface the relation between clock, data and frame synchronization signals is configurable. Thus this interface can be easily adapted to devices from different manufacturers. All control, monitoring and configuration is done via so called 'ForMe' ATM cells. An additional control bus interface is not needed.Features include

    • Segmentation and reassembly of ATM cells assigned to PCM time slots
    • 64 Kbps bearer services and Nx64 Kbps circuit emulation of E1/T1**
    • HEC generation and verification
    • Early-sync, late-sync detection of received cell synchronization signal
    • Cell rate decoupling
    • Multicast and Broadcast support
    • Configurable PCM interface
    • Configurable as PCM clock master or slave
    • Arbitrary PCM time slots usable as signaling channels
    • Detection of PCM frame synchronization signal errors
    • Optional time slot 0 handling
    • Initialization, configuration and control via ATM Cells
    • Remote monitoring and diagnostics via ATM Cells

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    Package: unknown 0 Pin

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