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  • Atecom (ATecoM GmbH ) : ATM-POL3

    Cell Input Flow Processor

    The device is a UPC component based on leaky bucket algorithm. It has two leaky buckets per connection. The device has four input and four output ports. The ports support the SAI and the UTOPIA interface. Each input port is decoupled from the rest of the chip through a four cell FIFO. The component includes a 16 bit header translation. Features are

    • 16 k connections per link.
    • a universal Microprocessor interface
    • a single common static memory
    • four input links running on 155.52 Mbps
    • a single 16 bit output running at 50/40 Mhz or four 8 bit outputs at 25/20 Mhz, UTOPIA tristate
    • 2 port ID signals at the output port in case of 16 bit output
    • 16 bit header translation
    • policing is done with the 'leaky bucket' algorithm

    Technology: unknown
    Package: PQFP 208 Pin

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