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  • Mindspeed (Mindspeed Technologies ) : MXT4400

    Traffic Stream Processor

    The MXT4400 Traffic Stream Processor is a programmable traffic management and internetworking engine designed to offer wire-speed performance for gigabit scale cell and packet network equipment. Based on a 32-bit Octave processor core which is surrounded by several hardware acceleration engines, the MXT4400 is capable of supporting 64K traffic streams. It has two UTOPIA busses with packet transfer capabilities and a 66Mhz PCI bus. By using the convenient, FIFO-like streaming mode on all interfaces, many different system designs can be accommodated.


    • 32-bit Octave RISC Processor
    • Background context switching 64K channels
    • Channel Descriptor Look-up Engine
    • Buffer Management Engine 16 buffer classes
    • DMA Engines with CRC-32 and CRC-10
    • Traffic Scheduling System 64K channels 4 priorities
    • Bi-directional packet extended UTOPIA
    • Rev 2.2/2.1 compliant PCI
    • SDRAM interface supports 16 to 512 Mbytes
    • SRAM interface supports 1 to 4 Mbytes

    Technology: CMOS
    Package: unknown 0 Pin

    external WWW:

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