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  • Transwitch (TranSwitch Corporation ) : TXC-05801


    CUBIT is a single-chip solution for implementing low-cost ATM multiplexing and switching systems, based on the Cell Bus architecture. Such systems are constructed of a number of CUBIT devices, allinterconnected by a 37-line common bus, the Cell Bus. When operating ata 38 MHz clock rate, a Cell Bus system can handle 1 Gb/s of net ATM cellbandwidth. Cell Bus supports Uni cast and multi cast transfers, and hasall necessary functions for implementing a switch: Inlet queuing, celladdress translation, cell routing, and outlet cell queueing. Features are

    • UTOPIA or ALI-25 Physical-layer cell interface
    • Inlet-side address translation and routing header insertion, using external SRAM
    • Programmable OAM cell routing
    • Cell Bus access request, grant reception and bus transmission
    • Cell Bus cell reception and address recognition
    • Outlet cell queuing: various modes
    • Ability to insert GFC field in real time
    • Ability to insert FECN indication, under programmable conditions
    • Support for ABR-type traffic with minimal cell loss
    • Ability to send and receive cells for control purposes over same Cell Bus
    • Master bus arbiter included in each CUBIT
    • Internal GTL transceivers for Cell Bus connection
    • Interface port to translation table SRAM
    • Microprocessor control port

    Technology: unknown
    Package: unknown 0 Pin

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