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  • Temic (Temic Semiconductors ) : 29C70

    The 29C70 is a ATM Adaptation Layer Controller for AAL 3/4 and AAL5, implements CCITT recommendation I.363 and is designed to interface to ATM Network with the maximum speed of 155 Mbit/s. A general control unit provides a full chip control with a microprocessor interface. The device provides also errors metering and internal loop capabilities for testing purposes. The 29C70 has a maximum system clock speed of 25 MHz. The 29C70 has a programmable AAL number so that up to 24 AAL controllers can be connected on the same ATM Layer Bus. It detects errors such as CRC, Tempo, Overflow and Sequencing. The CPCS-PDU shall be checked by the processor (CPI, BETAG, lengthfor AAL 3/4, CPCS Trailer, CPI, length for AAL5) .Features are

    • supports AAL 3/4 and AAL 5.
    • Integrates receiver, transmitter, DMA controller and control unit.
    • Performs segmentation and reassembly (SAR), and part of the convergence sub layer control (CS).
    • Full duplex operation for 64 receive and transmit messages simultaneously.
    • Transmit multiplexing capability. 4 channels within a VC and 16 VCs in parallel.
    • 8 bit parallel interface to ATM layer controller.
    • 32 bit data and 24 bit address bus to message memory.
    • 16 bit data and 11 bit address bus to local microprocessor for register programming and status information.
    • 155 Mbit/s ATM network connection and 800 Mbit/s message memory connection.
    • Internal loop capability for testing and errors metering.

    Technology: unknown
    Package: unknown 0 Pin

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