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  • Infineon (Infineon Technologies AG ) : PXB 4110


    Features include

    • AAL 3/4 and 5 segmentation and reassembly
    • Transparent mode to support constant bit rate traffic
    • On-chip support for 60 virtual connections
    • Optional ext. RAM supports up to 64K virtual connections
    • 32 bit PCI system bus interface (33MHz)
    • UTOPIA Level 1 interface
    • Built-in 2+10 cell receive and 4 cell transmit FIFO
    • Full duplex transfer rate 155.52 Mbit/s
    • VC level OAM cell detection and CRC-10 calculation
    • Cell rate shaping in transmit direction with up to 8 (dual) leaky buckets
    • Bus master DMA with linked list structure and programmable buffer length
    • Built-in MMU with packet scatter/gather capability
    • Built-in data path loops for self-test purpose
    • JTAG boundary scan according to IEEE 1149.1

    Technology: 0.35 CMOS
    Package: PQFP 208 Pin

    external WWW: Infineon Technologies AG : web page used to be available at:

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