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  • PMC (PMC Sierra Inc. ) : PM 7323

    Routing Control, Monitoring and Policing 200Mbit/s

    • Monolithic single chip device which handles ATM switch Ingress VPI/VCI address translation, cell appending, cell rate policing, counting, and OAM requirements for 65,536 VCs (virtual circuits).
    • Instantaneous transfer rate of 200 Mbit/s supports a cell transfer rate of 0.355x106 cells/s.
    • 8 bit PHY interface using direct addressing for up to 4 PHYs (Utopia Level 1) and Multi-PHY addressing for up to 32 PHYs (Utopia Level 2).
    • 8 bit SCI-PHY+ (53 - 64 byte extended ATM cell with prepend/post pend) interface at output to switch fabric.
    • Software compatibility with PM7322 RCMP
    • Compatible with wide range of switching fabrics and traffic management architectures including per VC or per PHY queuing.
    • Provides identification/tagging of RM cells to support adjunct processing applications such as Virtual Source/Virtual Destination ABR service.
    • Extremely flexible CAM-type cell identification which uses arbitrary VPI/VCI values and/or appended bytes for identification.
    • Drops on command all low priority (CLP=1) cells to relieve switch congestion.
    • Includes 16-bit FIFO buffered microprocessor bus interface for cell extraction and insertion (including OAM), VC table access, control and status monitoring, and configuration of the IC.
    • Supports DMA access for cell extraction and insertion.
    • Low power, 0.6 micron, +5 Volt CMOS technology.

    Technology: 0.65 Low Power CMOS
    Package: PQFP 240 Pin

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