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  • SEEQ - invalid (SEEQ Technologies Inc. ) : 93C95

    ATM 25.6 MB Transceiver and Data Recovery

    The 93C95 is a highly integrated analog interface IC for twisted pair25.6 Mbps ATM.T he 93C95 consists of transmitter with wave shaping and on chip filters,twisted pair receiver with on chip adaptive equalizer and filters, clockand data recovery, digital interface and serial port.The addition of internal output waveshaping circuitry and on-chip filters eliminates the need for external filters and common mode chokesnormally required in these applications.The 93C95 can access three registers through the serial port. These registers contain configuration inputs and status outputs.The 93C95 is ideal as a media interface for ATM25 adapter cards and hubs.

    Features are :

    • Integrated ATM25 PMD Sub layer
    • Single Chip Interface between TC (Transmission Convergence) and twisted pair wire
    • On Chip Transmit Wave Shaping and Filters
    • On Chip receive adaptive equalizer
    • No external filters required
    • Low Jitter Clock recovery
    • Few external components
    • Meets all applicable ATM Forum 25.6 Mbit/s standards
    • Serial Port for Configuration and Status
    • Many user features and Options: 100/120/150 Ohm Cable - Smart Squelch - - Transmit Level Adjust - Receive Level Adjust - Power down - Transmit disable - l oopback - programmable LED driver - reset
    • Status Outputs: receive link
    • LED Outputs: Receive Link - Programmable

    Technology: unknown
    Package: PLCC 28 Pin

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