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  • Mindspeed (Mindspeed Technologies ) : M28529 / M285295

    32/16 port IMA device

    Mindspeed Technologies' 32-port single-chip IMA processor, M 28529; as well as the 16-port single-chip IMA processor, M28525,  is used for access concentrators, digital subscriber line access multiplexers (DSLAMs), third-generation (3G) wireless networking equipment, multi-service platforms and T1/E1 and DSL line cards.
    Mindspeed’s 32-port M28529 IMA processor is used to provide bandwidth between T1/E1 and T3/E3 speeds and includes 512 Kbytes of on-chip memory that surpasses the standards requirements of 25 milliseconds of differential delay compensation.
    A Transmission Convergence (TC) block provides Utopia 2 or serial line connectivity to T1/E1 framers and DSL transceivers for each link.


    • Integrated Transmission Convergence (TC) Layer for all 32 ports
    • large integrated differential delay SRAM (512K)
      • 32 ports: 50ms
      • 16 ports: 100ms
    • Multiple PHY interfaces to choose from
      • Utopia Level
      • Serial TDM
      • 8MHz interleaved highway
    • Supports 32 groups and 32 links per group
    • required software included
    xDSL support
    • Link bandwidth: 64Kbps - 8.192Mbps (in 8Kbps granularity)
    • Lowest power IMA solution (500mW)
    • 3G wireless (BTS/NodeB and BSC/RNC)
    • DSLAMs
    • Multiservice Platforms

    Technology: 0.18µ CMOS
    Package: BGA 484 Pin
    Price per Chip:  $150.80

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    external PDF:

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