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  • Mindspeed (Mindspeed Technologies ) : M82610

    Miro M82610 Communications Convergence Processor

    Mindspeed Technologies™ Miro M82610 Communications Convergence Processor is Mindspeed’s fifth-generation voiceband processor.
    Miro combines powerful vLIW DSPs optimized for voice processing, a flexible packet-processing engine and industry standard streaming interfaces, all on a single die. Together with Mindspeed’s robust, industry-proven software, Miro represents a true system-on-chip solution for Voice over IP (VoIP) and Voice over ATM (VoATM) applications.
    This device also supports packet-to-TDM, packet-to-packet, or TDM-to-TDM operation across the entire range of IP and ATM protocols and modulations. Key technologies incorporated into Miro include SMV (IS-893) and intelligent transcoding between various speech-coding standards. Additional system level features such as conferencing and enhanced Ethernet support were designed in from the ground up to reduce host processing requirements and speed time-to-market.
    Finally, the Miro API, which retains backwards compatibility with Mindspeed’s previous generations of voice processors, has been augmented and refined to address new system level features, and reduce host management overhead to a minimum, vital in achieving the scalability that today’s diverse packet voice applications demand.
    Mindspeed - Miro M 82610
    As shown above, the M82610 provides Ethernet, UTOPIA L2, Packet-over-Sonet L2 and TDM ports and is capable of interconnecting those interfaces by means of complex protocol and data conversions.
    • Up to 480 carrier class voice channels
    • G.711, G.723.1, G.726, G.728, G.729, GSM FR/EFR, AMR, CDMA QCELP8/13K, EVRC, SMV
    • FAX relay T.38
    • Modem relay V.MoIP
    • Integrated packet processors and digital signal processors
    • VoIP over Ethernet
    • VoATM AAL1/2/5
    • Compact 19 mm package
    • Voice Codecs and Modulations
      • Supported standards
        - G.165/G.168-2000 compliant Echo Canceller
        - Supports Echo Tail up to 128 ms
        - G.711 µ-Law and A-Law
        - G.723.1 and G.723.1 Annex A
        - G.726
        - G.728
        - G.729 Annex A and Annex B
        - GSM FR and GSM EFR
        - CDMA QCELP8k and CDMAQCELP13k
        - CDMA EVRC
        - AMR
        - SMV
      • Patented robust jitter buffer
      • Frame erasure concealment
      • Tone Detection
      • Tone Generation
      • Comfort Noise Generation
      • Fax Relay T.38
      • Modem Relay V.MoIP
      • Announcement Server
      • Enhanced Conference Bridging
      • Intelligent Transcoding
      • Caller ID Generation and Detection
      • Media Forking (CALEA)
    • Packet Processing
      • Custom Header Generation and stripping
      • Flow classification (UDP port, VPI/VCI or VLAN tag)
      • Enhanced de-jittering
      • Generation and Termination of
        - Complete IP Packets (IP/UDP/RTP)
        - Complete Ethernet Packets
        - AAL1, AAL2 and AAL5 cell streams
      • Native Support of VoIP over Ethernet, POS and ATM AAL5
      • ATM supported over Utopia or Ethernet
      • Supports CPS and SSCS layer functions
      • Supports SSSAR and SSTED
      • Protocol transcoding between VoIP and VoATM
    • System Support
      • ARP, ICMP
      • Dialed Digit Collection
      • Ethernet Boot and Control
      • Virtual 1:1 Redundancy
      • Fast channel setup
      • Rich Channel and Device Diagnostic Support
      • Voice Signaling over ATM AAL5

    Technology: CMOS
    Package: BGA 624 Pin

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