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  • Mindspeed (Mindspeed Technologies ) : CX27470

    OC12 full-duplex Programmable ATM Processor

    Mindspeed Technologies™ CX27470 Traffic Stream Processor (TSP) is the second generation of the industry ’s first programmable traffic management engine for gigabit-scale packet- and cell-based networking equipment. Coupled with off-the-shelf PortMaker™ firmware applications or customized source code solutions, the CX27470 delivers a proven, packet- and cell-based traffic management solution that forms the foundation of sophisticated Quality of Service (QoS) applications.
    Mindspeed - CX27470

    The protocol agnostic CX27470 TSP with an Octave™ uniprocessor pipelined architecture and multiple hardware engines adapts the protocol and traffic flow of up to 64K input traffic streams to managed traffic streams in an output data path. Defining traffic streams as cells or packets enables the CX27470 to excel in a wide range of ATM, Packet-over-SONET, Frame Relay and Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) applications from DS-3 to OC-48.

    For OC-48 operation, two CX27470 TSPs are required. Each CX27470 processor offers PCI, POS Level 3 and UTOPIA interfaces, a 200 MHz core speed, and 64-bit memory interfaces.

    • Programmable QoS and internetworking
    • Wire-speed performance/firmware flexibility
    • Supports up to 64K traffic streams
    • Scales to OC-48
    • Supports standard interfaces
    • Low latency and low power
    • Suitable for AAL2, AAL5, ATM policing, shaping, & OAM, and MPLS applications
    • Source code license available
    • Complete development tools
    • Off the shelf PortMaker firmware

    Technology: CMOS
    Package: BGA 624 Pin

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