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  • Zarlink (Zarlink Semiconductor ) : MT90500

    1024 Channel ATM AAL1 SAR

    The MT90500 Multi-Channel AAL1 SAR is a highly integrated solution which allows systems based on a telecom bus to be interfaced to ATM networks using ATM Adaptation Layer 1 (AAL1), ATM Adaptation Layer 5 (AAL5) and ATM Adaptation Layer 0 (AAL0). The MT90500 can be connected directly to a ST-BUS time division multiplexed (TDM) backplane containing up to 1024 full duplex 64kbps channels. Up to 1024 bi-directional ATM VC connections can be simultaneously processed by the MT90500 AAL1 SAR device.


    • AAL1 Segmentation and Reassembly device compatible with Structured Data Transfer (SDT) as per ANSI T1.630 and ITU I.363 standards
    • Transports 64kbps and N x 64kbps traffic over ATM AAL1 cells
    • Simultaneous processing of up to 1024 bidirectional Virtual Circuits
    • Flexible aggregation capabilities (Nx64) to allow any combination of 64 kbps channels while maintaining frame integrity
    • Secondary UTOPIA port for connection to an external AAL5 SAR processor, or for chaining multiple MT90500 devices
    • 16-bit microprocessor port, configurable to Motorola or Intel timing
    • TDM bus provides 16 bidirectional serial TDM streams at 2.048, 4.096, or 8.192 Mbps for up to 2048 TDM 64 kbps channels
    • Compatible with ST-BUS, MVIP, H-MVIP and SCSA interfaces
    • Supports master and slave TDM bus clock operation
    • Loopback function at TDM bus interface
    • Local TDM bus provides clocks, input pin and output pin for 2.048 Mbps operation
    • Master clock rate up to 60 MHz

    Typical Applications

    • B-ISDN (Broadband ISDN) systems requiring flexible N x 64kbps transport
    • Connecting TDM backplane to TDM backplane over ATM network (GO-MVIP MC4, or other)
    • Systems requiring ANSI T1.630 Structured Data Transfer services for 1 to 122 TDM channels per VC
    • Systems requiring ITU-T I.363.1 circuit transport over Structured Data Transfer for 1 to 96 TDM channels per VC
    • Systems requiring AF-VTOA-0078.000 (ATM Forum CES v2.0) Logical Nx64 Basic Service
    • Systems requiring AF-VTOA-0083.000 Voice and Telephony over ATM (CBR-AAL5)
    • Mapping between CBR-AAL0, CBR-AAL5, and AAL1
    • Mapping between CBR partially-filled cells and full cells
    • Mapping between CBR single-voice cells and Nx64 cells
    • ATM uplink for expansion of COs, PBXs, or open switching platforms using an adjunct ATM switch
    • ATM Public Network access for PBX or CO
    • ATM Edge Switches and CPE Integrated-Access over ATM
    • TDM traffic transfer over an asynchronous cell bus
    • Systems requiring Nx64 over CBR-AAL5.

    Technology: unknown
    Package: PQFP 240 Pin

    external WWW:

    external PDF: Zarlink Semiconductor : PDF documentation used to be available at:
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