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  • Transwitch (TranSwitch Corporation ) : TXC-03102


    The DS1F is a 4-channel DS1 Framer designed for voice and datacommunications applications. AMI, B8ZS, and NRZ line codes are supported with full alarm detection and generation per ANSI T1M1.3. The transmit and receive sections of each of the 4 framers are independent with individual slip buffers to allow operation in a wide range of switching and transmission products. D4SF and ESF modes per ANSI T1.403-1989 and ATT PUB 62411 with per DS0 signaling and DS0 data access and control via an Intel/Motorola compatible microprocessor is provided. For ESF applications, each framer supplies a full duplexHDLC/bit-oriented message controller in addition to on-board latching of all required performance parameters; minimal software overhead isrequired to support either ANSI T1.403-1989 or ATT PUB 54016protocols. Diagnostic, test, and maintenance functions are provided,including boundary scan (IEEE 1149.1) and loop-backs.

    • D4SF, ESF (including FDL support), and transparent framing modesEncodes/decodes AMI, B8ZS, and forced ones density line codes
    • Two frame slip buffers in both receive and transmit directions
    • Supports channel associated and robbed bit signaling (enabled or processor forced on a per DS0 basis)
    • Detect and force yellow and AIS alarms; detect OOF, SEF, and change of frame alignment
    • Detect, count and force line code errors (BPVs and excess zeros), CRC errors (ESF only), and frame bit errors
    • Motorola/Intel compatible microprocessor I/F
    • One-second interrupt input latches counter values and line events into shadow registers
    • Local, line remote, and payload remote loopback
    • Processor forcing/monitoring of DS0s for maintenance purposes

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