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    Transwitch (TranSwitch Corporation ) : TXC-07125/07225 / TXC-27325

    TXC-07125/07225 and Magnetics Module (TXC-27325) / ALI-25

    The ATM Line Interface 25 Mbit/s (ALI-25) Chip Set provides thecomplete ATM-25 Physical Layer function including the Transmission Convergence (TC) and Physical Media Dependent (PMD) sub-layers andoperates over existing cable plants (STP, UTP-3,4,5). The ALI-25 ChipSet delivers the power of ATM to the desktop at low cost. Providing both the TC and PMD sub-layer functions, the ALI-25 Chip Set is a keycomponent for system designers developing ATM-25 Mbit/s networkingsolutions. This Controller/Transceiver chip set has a straightforward system interface which easily connects to available ATM-layer protocolchips such as the SARA-S and the SARA-R (TXC-05501 and 05601) or FIFOdesigns. The chip set is a total solution for delivering ATM at 25Mbit/s Physical Layer Network Interfaces over in-house cable plants.

    • Implements ATM-25 Mbit/s TC and PMD layer functions
    • Supports up to 100 meters of Shielded Twisted Pair (STP) or Unshielded
    • Twisted Pair types 3, 4 or 5 (UTP-3,4,5) cable
    • Full Duplex 8 bit data transfers to/from ATM layer protocol chip plus parity
    • Integrated FIFO stores up to two 53-byte ATM cells received from network
    • Provides data scrambling/descrambling for robust EMC and transmission performance
    • Provides 4bit/5bit encoding and NRZI format to enable efficient utilization of the channel and reliable clocking
    • Provides signal detect logic to determine PLL lock and status of link
    • Supports transmission and regeneration of an 8 KHz sync pulse for audio and video applications
    • Controller (ALI-25C) chip is available in a 68-pin PLCC, uses a single +5 volt supply, and dissipates 280 mW nominal
    • Transceiver (ALI-25T) chip is available in a 44-pin PLCC, uses a single +5 volt supply, and dissipates 420 mW nominal

    Technology: unknown
    Package: unknown 0 Pin

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