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    Transwitch (TranSwitch Corporation ) : TXC-076625

    SALI-25c - Six ATM Line Interface at 25 Mbit/s

    The SALI-25C VLSI device is a controller for six 25.6 Mbit/s ATM Line Interfaces, with a common 8-bit parallel transmit and receive UTOPIA interface on the terminal side. It performs the transmission convergence function of six independent 25.6 Mbit/s bit-serial line signals used for connection to private UNIs, and the terminal side interface employs single cell I/O signals. The device is designed to interface directly on the line side with PMD devices such as the TranSwitch ALI-25T ATM Line Interface 25 Mbit/s Transceiver (part number TXC-07225-BCPL). It performs NRZI/NRZ conversion, serial to parallel conversion, 5B/4B code conversion, data deserialization, 5B/4B decoding, descrambling, cell delineation, and idle byte discard in the receive direction, and the inverse processes in the transmit direction. The SALI-25C provides an 8-bit 33 MHz multi-PHY UTOPIA cell interface with ATM layer devices. The SALI-25C also provides a special UTOPIA mode for interfacing with the TranSwitch CUBIT CellBus Switch (TXC-05801).


    • Transmission Convergence
      • meets ATM Forum specifications
      • maps ATM cells to six 25.6 Mbit/s payloads
      • NRZI/NRZ and 5B/4B conversions
      • scambling, cell delineation and rate adaptation
      • HEC generate/check with bad cell discard
      • transmit GFC insertion for Xon/Xoff

    • Line Interface
      • six independent lines each with data and clock
      • line rate at 32 Mbaud +/- 100ppm
      • detects received illegal 5B codes
      • direct interface to ALI-25T 5V transceivers
      • idle signal generation on the line side
      • single transmit clock input for all six line signals
      • 8 kHz timing marker output

    • 8-bit 33 MHz or UTOPIA Level 1 and 2 Interface
      • single cell available cell level control
      • 3 cells per line FIFO in the receive direction
      • 2 cells per line FIFO in the transmit direction
      • optional 4 priority queues per line sharing 2048 or 4096-cell external SRAM buffer for transmit

    • Discarded, received and transmitted cell counts

    • External memory (SRAM) interface

    • External transceiver and LED controls

    • Intel/Motorola processor interface with interrupts

    • Test Access Port (IEEE 1149.1 boundary scan)

    • Single +3.3 V, +/-5% power supply, 0.6W max.

    Technology: unknown
    Package: PQFP 208 Pin

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