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    Novacom (Novacom Technologies Ltd. ) : NOVA25AT6

    Six Port ATM25 Retiming Integrated Circuit

    The NOV25AT6 is an ATM Forum 25.6 Mbps compatible Integrated Circuit that provides a fully active retiming solution for ATM 25 Hubs and concentrators. Designed to extend line distances supported in UTP, STP and Fiber optic cabling environments, the Novacom IC has six identical port repeaters with DPLL based clock recovery. Each port repeater over samples the data and provides the ability to maximize bit recovery. The received data is processed by a jitter attenuation system, consisting of a FIFO and a crystal controlled Adaptive Re clocking unit. Recovered clock and data at the output of the repeater block are fully phased aligned to be used by any NRZI 4B5B decoding logic. Optional usage of its PECL inputs facilitates the design of ATM 25line interface around the IC. Features are

    • Complies with ATM Forum 25.6 Mbps Twisted Pair Specifications
    • Supports six independent ATM25 ports
    • Optional differential PECL port Rx inputs
    • Jitter free recovered data and clock
    • Digital PLL with high sampling rate
    • Per port signal Retiming
    • Per port crystal-controlled Adaptive Re clocking
    • Per port 16UI FIFO

    Technology: unknown
    Package: PQFP 64 Pin

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