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    Agilent (Agilent Technologies (former HP Semiconductor) ) : HFBR-2416

    Low Cost, Miniature Fiber Optic Receiver

    The HFBR-2416 is a Low Cost, Miniature Fiber Optic Receiver with ST Port - Analog Output .
    • Meets IEEE 802.3 Ethernet and 802.5 Token Ring Standards
    • Low Cost Transmitters and Receivers
    • Choice of ST, SMA, SC or FC Ports
    • 820 nm Wavelength Technology
    • Signal Rates up to 160 Megabaud
    • Link Distances up to 2.7 km
    • Specified with 50/125 mm, 62.5/125 mm, 100/140 mm, and 200 mm HCS Fiber
    • Repeatable ST Connections within 0.2 dB Typical
    • Unique Optical Port Design for Efficient Coupling
    • Auto-Insertable and Wave Solderable
    • No Board Mounting Hardware Required
    • Wide Operating Temperature Range -40C to +85C
    • AlGaAs Emitters 100% Burn-In Ensures High Reliability * Conductive Port Option

    Technology: unknown
    Package: 2x4 8 Pin

    external WWW:

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