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    Infineon (Infineon Technologies AG ) : PXB 4310

    ATM Switching Matrix

    Discontinued ! Features included

    • Self-routing 32 x 16 switching matrix with multicast capability
    • High performance: 10E-11 cell loss probability (at 95% Bernoulli type traffic).
    • Central buffer architecture provides minimum cell delay variation at high data throughput.
    • Routing header provides 48 bit routing address.
    • Expandable up to 256 x 256 non-blocking s witching network core.
    • Configuration as multiplexer / concentrator
    • Prepared for 622 Mbps and 2.5 Gbps ports
    • Switch Link Interface interconnects (200 Mbps serial, differential data link lines)
    • < LI>Switch Link Interface uses LVDS levels for low crosstalk, less interference and low power consumption.
    • Individual phase adaption per input; no seperate clock required

    Technology: unknown
    Package: BGA 342 Pin

    external PDF:

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