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    Fujitsu (Fujitsu Microelectronics Europe ) : MB 86689

    Address Translation Controller ATC

    The MB86689 Address Translation Controller provides an autonomous high speed translation function of ATM cell header information in real time at 155 Mbps. The translation function supports replacement of ATM virtual path and virtual channel identifiers and allows a 24-bit routing tag to be appended. Features includes:

    • 1,024 entry Content-Addressable Memory (CAM)
    • Full 28 bit comparison for each entry with optional bit-masking
    • Supports multiple matches for multicast operation
    • Supports CLP and congestion indication /removal for each entry
    • Multiple ATCs can be cascaded to support larger addressing range
    • Supports flexible tag sizes
    • Provides cell stream outputs compatible with UTOPIA interface
    • Packaged in 80-pin plastic quad flat pack
    • JTAG compliant

    Operation modes

    In NTC Operation mode the ATC can be directly connected to the MB86683 NTC. ATM cell header information is transferred between the NTC through an 8-bit bi-directional bus (NTC Interface). The input data consists of only 4 bytes including the VPI/VCI field, with no cell payloads being transferred. Output data includes the 4 bytes of translated VPI/VCI values, C bit, CLP bit plus a 3 byte routing tag, making a total of 7 bytes. The NTC interface mode allows the use of the multiple matching function, in which one incoming VPI/VCI value may match multiple CAM entries. In this case the ATC will transfer the output data for each match sequentially. In addition, multiple ATC chips may be connected in Cascade to allow address translation tables greater than 1,024 values. With each ATC performing parallel matching comparison, there is no increase in total comparison processing time. The Cell Stream Interface allows the ATC to be connected with the MB86680 (SRE) or the MB86687 (ALC). In Cell Stream Interface mode (CSI), processing may be applied to 52-56 byte cells, (Cell Stream +0-3 byte routing tag). In this mode the MB86689(ATC) contains the input cell payload which is combined with newly updated headers and assembled into ATM cells for output.

    Technology: unknown
    Package: PQFP 80 Pin

    external WWW: Fujitsu Microelectronics Europe : web page used to be available at:

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