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    Raytheon (Raytheon Semiconductor ) : RCC 700, RCC 701

    RCC 700, RCC 701

    A pair of transmitter/receiver ICs from Raytheon, namely the RCC700 and RCC701, support ATM systems at rates up to 194.4 Mbaud and interface directly to fiber optic transceivers. RCC700 integrates an 8-bit/10-bit (8b/10b) encoder/decoder, a serializer, a de-serializer, a PLL frequency synthesizer, a PLL clock, and data recovery and byte alignment circuitry. RCC700's transmitter section accepts a TLL/CMOS compatible parallel byte from a controller IC, encodes the data using 8b/10b code, synthesizes the high-speed clock, and serializes the data into a differential PECL (positive-shifted ECL, Vth=+3.7V) compatible output. The receiver section performs the reverse operations, as well as clock and data recovery, byte alignment, and error detection functions. Where the 8b/10b encoder and decoder functions are not required, Raytheon offers the RCC701, which instead provides a 10-bit parallel interface. In OEM quantities, RCC700 costs 32.10 in 68-pin PLCCs and 33.30 in 64-pin PQFPs; RCC701 costs 29.90 in 68-pin PLCCs and 30.90 in 64-pin PQFPs.

    Technology: unknown
    Package: PQFP 64 Pin

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