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    ATM 25 NIC

    This card for Sun S-Bus supports Data streams of 25 MBIT/SMbit/s using UTP 3 resp. STP cabling. Features are

    • Free operating system software drivers and updates
    • Standards-based custom silicon architecture implementing both ATM Adaptation Layer (AAL) 5 protocol and PCI bus interface
    • AAL5 cells reassembled on board Non-AAL5 cells passed into host memory
    • Optimizes PCI bus transactions by transferring full-sized packets
    • Up to 1,024 open virtual channel (VC) identifiers and up to 200 active VCs
    • Manageable through SNMP using the ATM Forum ILMI MIB
    • FCC Class B certification
    • Five-year warranty -- one of the longest in the industry
    • LAN Emulation version 1.0 and Classical IP over ATM software (RFC 1577)

    external WWW:

    If you are the producer of this NIC and want to correct/update the presented information, please feel free to register for direct database access.
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