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  • Sun (Sun Microsystems, Inc. ) : ATM 622

    SunATM 2.0 SBus Adapter

    SunATM adapters are single-wide SBus cards that conform to ATM Forum Specifications. One implementation offers 155Mbps network bandwidth over multimode fiber and the other supports category 5 Unshielded Twisted Pair (UTP) wiring. Product Features include

    • Supports 155Mbps operation over multimode fiber or category 5 UTP wiring
    • Supports SONET/SDH physical layer framing
    • Enables TCP/IP applications to run transparently over ATM (IETF RFC 1577 )
    • Supports LAN Emulation (ATM Forum LANE 1.0 Specification)
    • Supports User Network Interface (ATM Forum UNI 3.0/3.1 Specification)
    • Offers Sun interim ATM APIs for signalling and raw AAL5 frame transfer
    • Gives "wirespeed" performance in standard TTCP test environment
    • Implements SAR (Segmentation And Reassembly) function aligned with AAL 5 (ATM Adaptation Layer 5, pioneered by Sun and endorsed by LAN manufacturers and ITU)
    • Up to 128 transmit channels and up to 1024 open receive channels
    • Offers 64bit SBus and 64byte bursts support, conforming to IEEE 1496
    • Provides SNMP Agent for interface to standard management systems
    • Integrated SBus/SAR ASIC SAHI3 (SBus to ATM Host Interface) implemented in CMOS
    • Compatible with relevant emerging standards, including ATM Forum baseline specifications
    SunATM adapters include an SBus implementation of the ATM SAR (Segmentation And Reassembly) function. The adapters support the ATM SAR via a SAHI-3 (SBus to ATM Host Interface) ASIC implemented in CMOS by Sun. The adapters have an SBus interface and accommodate modular physical interface cards. The physical interface cards are SONET multimode fiber, and category 5 UTP wiring. The SunATM-155/MFiber adapter supports 155 Mbps operation over multimode fiber. The SunATM-155/UTP5 adapter supports category 5 UTP wiring. These SunATM adapters will continue to be compatible with the relevant emerging standards, including existing ATM Forum baseline specifications.

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