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  • IDK (Institut für Datenkommunikation Chemnitz GmbH ) : INIC S20

    ATM 155 PCI network interface card

    The PCI ATM INIC S20 is the latest and most integrated PCI Bus ATM-Adapter solution available now. It was designed to allow use in various Host systems, regardless of PCI Bus width or Signalling. An universall on-chip support for newer PCI Bus Interfaces makes it possible to use the ATM NIC in every PCI System nowadays and insures further increase in Data Through-put on High-end Servers and Workstation that support 64-Bit and 3.3Volt Interface.
    The standard PCI Bus Master Bridge allows Direct Master Transfers to and from Host memory with very long burst-cycles to reduce interrupt overhead in the System. Up to 5 ATM-Cells can be sent over the PCI Bus consequently, and a very deep Command FIFO accomodates up to 20 Slave Access Commandos from the Host. Optional Configuration EEPROM provides for user-defined Settings in PCI CFG Header. Minor glue-logic is used to connect S20 with external RX-FIFO which is needed for the mostly delayed ABR Data traffic. External PHY-daughter boards are supported. Support for optical and UTP5 modules is also implemented, allowing use of the ATM-Adapter in various configurations (Fibre or UTP5 links).

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