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    Wincor (Wincor Nixdorf GmbH & Co. KG ) : ATM-Access

    155 Mbit/s ATM adapter

    For physically linking RM200, RM300, RM400, RM600-xxx and PRIMERGY systems into ATM high-speed networks, controllers delivering speeds of 155 Mbit/s via multimode fiber optics and for RM300, RM400 and PRIMERGY 155 Mbit/s via twisted copper lines (UTP Cat. 5) are on offer. Further, 25.6 Mbit/s via twisted copper lines (UTP Cat. 3/5) is supported for all systems except for RM600-xxx. The driver and signaling software ATM-ACCESS is necessary for RM systems running Reliant UNIX or SINIX. The software licence (right to use) for ATM ACCESS is acquired by buying an ATM controller.

    Functions of ATM-ACCESS:

    • Support of the UNI 3.0 and 3.1 network interface standardized by the ATM Forum
    • Use of dedicated and dialup connections (PVCs, SVCs)
    • TCP/IP with "classical IP over ATM"(RFC1577) is supported for higher protocols
    • LAN emulation (client) in accordance with ATM Forum LANE V1.0 for transparent interoperation with existing Ethernet and Fast Ethernet infrastructures
    • Support of all ATM-relevant MIBs (Management Information Base) for full integration into central SNMP management
    • Simultaneous connection to several IP subnetworks via a single ATM link
    • Support for up to 2 ATM controllers per system
    • Full parallel operating mode for use on multiprocessor systems so that available performance can be used to the full.

    Documentation used to be available at:

    external WWW: Wincor Nixdorf GmbH & Co. KG : web page used to be available at:

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