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  • 3com (3COM Corp. ) : 3C970-F

    ATM Link SBUS-155 Fiber Network Interface Card

    This card supports SBUS 155 Mbit/s with multimode fiber. Duplex SC oiutlet is used. Features are

    • Bandwidth-intensive applications, such as medical imaging and 3D modeling, benefit from the high performance of 3Coms ATMLink product architecture, which supports virtual connections (VCs), hardware- based segmentation and reassembly (SAR), and AAL5
    • ATMLink cards conform to relevant ITU-T ATM Forum specifications, including UNI 3.0/3.1, ILMI, IP over ATM (SBus only), and LAN
    • Emulation client (LEC) software for interoperability between legacy LANs and ATM systems
    • Support for multiple LECs lets ATMLink cards participate in multiple emulated LANs
    • ATMLink cards provide exceptional virtual connection traffic management, using extensive VBR, CBR, and UBR traffic shaping and congestion mechanisms
    • 3Coms complete end-to-end ATM solutions integrate ATMLink cards with 3Com CELLplex 7000, LANplex 2500, NETBuilder II and SuperStack II products


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