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  • Olicom (Olicom A/S ) : OC-6151

    RapidFire ATM PCI 155 Adapter

    RapidFire 155 Adapters support OC-3/STS-3 data rates and full duplex 155.52 Mbps communication over UTP 5 cabling. Features include

    • PCI bus-master for DMA-based transfer of data to and from the host memory with minimal CPU utilization
    • Full implementation of the ATM protocol stack in software drivers, including signalling, making it ideally suited for large-scale SVC environments
    • Two versions of the adapter: UTP 5 or multimode fiber connector
    • LED indicators for ease of management: loss of signal and link integrity
    • 512 KB SAR memory used for frame segmentation and reassembly
    • The CellDriver software technology features full ATM Emulation Services compliant with the ATM Forum LAN Emulation over ATM version 1.0 specification and a full Classical IP implementation. LAN Emulation Client included for running popular operating systems like Windows 95, Windows NT and Novell NetWare 3.12 and 4.1.
    • CellDriver software drivers can emulate up to 16 LAN adapters each running LAN Emulation or Classical IP, making them a perfect choice for high-end ATM-connected servers
    • Simple and flexible configuration of LAN Emulation drivers provides control parameters for both ATM adapters (max. VCCs, VCI/VPI range), traffic profiles for precise bandwidth utilization per VC and emulated LANs such as ELAN type (Ethernet, Token-Ring)
    • Both PVC, SVC and mixed PVC/SVC environments are supported providing compatibility with all major switches
    • Supports HW controlled Traffic Management / Flow Control schemes. HW based scheme uses dual leaky bucket traffic averaging providing compatibility with all major switches
    • LAN Emulation Server implementing address registration, BUS (broadcast & unknown server function) and LECS (LAN Emulation Configuration Server) ? uses a dedicated DOS PC to provide MAC address registration, LAN Emulation control functions for ATM LAN and automatic configuration of LAN Emulation clients.

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