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  • 3com (3COM Corp. ) : 3C91-PCI-25

    ATM 25 Mbps PCI Network Interface Card

    These 3Com ATM PC network interface cards for 3Com ONcore Integrated System and CELLplex 4000 switch networks support speeds of 25 Mbps and 100 Mbps. The ATM 25 Mbps PCI and ISA cards include LAN Emulation Client software and RFC 1577 (classical IP over ATM) support, allowing existing applications and network-layer protocols to perform unchanged in an ATM network. For maximum performance, the ATM 25 Mbps PCI and ISA cards provide an end-to-end ATM solution when used with the CELLplex 4000 switch and the ONcore Integrated System. Features are

    • ATM PC cards deliver easy, seamless LAN application access to ATM networks
    • The cards provide connectivity for video and voice applications, as well as for traditional applications
    • ATM PC cards leverage high-performance system speeds across the backbone to ensure optimal network performance
    • The ATM 25 Mbps ISA card delivers the most affordable, high-bandwidth ATM solution available to the desktop for workgroups
    • The ATM 25 Mbps PCI and ISA cards come with ATM Forum compliant LAN Emulation Client (LEC) software for smooth integration with legacy networks

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