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  • Zarlink (Zarlink Semiconductor ) : MT90220

    Octal Inverse Multiplexing for ATM (IMA) device with flexible IMA and UNI mode

    The MT90220 device is targeted to systems implementing the ATM FORUM UNI specifications for T1/E1 rates or Inverse Multiplexing for ATM (IMA). In the MT90220 architecture, up to 8 physical and independent T1/E1 streams can be terminated through the utilization of off-the-shelf, traditional T1/ E1 framers and LIUs. This allows ATM designers to leverage previous T1/E1 design experience, hardware and software implementation, and to select the best T1/E1 framer for the required application.


    • Cost effective, single chip, 8-port ATM IMA and UNI processor
    • Up to 4 IMA groups over 8 T1/E1 links can be implemented
    • Supports MIXED mode; links not assigned to an IMA group can be used in UNI mode
    • Versatile PCM Interface to most popular T1 or E1 framers
    • Supports Symmetrical and Asymmetrical Operation
    • Supports both Common Transmit Clock and Independent Transmit Clock clocking modes
    • Supports T1 ISDN lines
    • Provides UTOPIA Level 2 MPHY Interface (MT90220 device slaved to ATM device)
    • Provides Header Error Control (HEC) verification and generation, error detection, Filler cell filtering (IMA mode) and Idle/ Unassigned cell filtering (UNI mode)
    • Provides statistics to support MIB
    • Connects to popular asychronous SRAM
    • Provides statistics on the number of HEC errors
    • 8 bit Microprocessor Interface, compatible with Intel and Motorola
    • 3.3V operation / 5V tolerant inputs
    • JTAG Test support

    Typical Applications

    • Cost effective single chip solution to implement IMA and UNI links over T1 or E1 in all public or private UNI, NNI and B-ICI applications
    • ATM Edge switch IMA and UNI Line Card Design
    • Can be used for cost reduction in current applications based on FPGA implementation

    Technology: unknown
    Package: MQFP 208 Pin

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