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  • Zarlink (Zarlink Semiconductor ) : MT90503

    2048VC AAL1 SAR

    The MT90503 is an AAL1 SAR, which offers a highly integrated solution for interfacing telecom bus-based systems with ATM networks. The device has the capability of simultaneously processing 2048 bidirectional channels of 64 kbps. The MT90503 can be connected directly to an H.100 or H.110 compatible bus. The device also offers the capability of using Channel Associated Signalling (CAS) to support Circuit Emulation Service (CES) for Structured Data Transfer (SDT).

    The interface to the TDM port is provided by a TDM bus, which consists of 32 bidirectional serial TDM data streams at 2.048, 4.096, or 8.192 Mbps, therefore allowing for 2048 bidirectional TDM channels operating at 64 kbps. This TDM bus is compatible with the ECTF H.100 and H.110 specifications.


    • AAL1 Segmentation Reassembly device capable of simultaneously processing up to 2048 bidirectional VCs
    • AAL1 cell format for Structured DS1/E1 N x 64kbps Service as per ATM Forum AF-VTOA-0078.000 Circuit Emulation Services Interoperability Specifications (Nx 64 Basic Service, DS1 Nx64 Service with CAS, and E1 Nx 64 Service with CAS)
    • Two UTOPIA ports (Level 2, 16-bit, 50 MHz) with loopback function for dual fibre ring applications
    • Third UTOPIA port for connection to an external AAL5 SAR processor, or for chaining multiple MT90503 or MT90500 devices
    • Flexible aggregation capabilities (Nx 64) to allow any combination of 64 Kbps
    • TDM bus provides 32 bidirectional serial TDM streams at 2.048, 4.096, or 8.192 Mbps for up to 4096 TDM 64 Kbps channels
    • Compatible with H.100 and H.110 interfaces
    • TDM to ATM Transmission latency less than 250 ms
    • Support for clock recovery - Adaptive Clock Recovery, Synchronous Residual Time Stamp (SRTS) or external
    • Support master and slave TDM bus clock operation

    Typical Applications

    • ATM Access and Multiplexing Equipment
    • Switching Platforms that provide internetworking between TDM and ATM
    • ATM Edge Switches
    • ATM uplink for expansion of COs, PBXs, or open switching platforms using an adjunct ATM switch
    • Integrated Digital Loop Carrier (IDLC)
    • SONET or SDH Add and Drop Multiplexers (ADM)
    • Next Generation Digital Loup Carrier (NGDIC)
    • Digital Subscriber Line Access Multiplexer DSLAM with Gateway ATM UTOPIA Bus

    Technology: unknown
    Package: BGA 503 Pin

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