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    • General
      • Quad channel ATM OC-3c (155 Mbit/s) PHY.
      • Provides on-chip clock and data recovery and clock synthesis.
      • Exceeds Bellcore-GR-253 jitter tolerance and transmit jitter requirements.
      • Provides a generic 8-bit microprocessor interface for device control and register access.
      • Provides standard IEEE 1149.1 JTAG test port for boundary scan.
    • SONET Receiver
      • Recovers clock and data.
      • Frames to and decrambles recovered stream.
      • Filters and captures Automatic Protection Switch bytes (K1,K2) and detects APS byte failure.
      • Detects signal degrade and signal failure threshold crossing alarms.
      • Captures and debounces synchronization status byte (S1).
      • Counts received section BIP-8 (B1), line BIP-24 (B2), and path BIP-8 (B3) errors, and line and path FEBEs.
      • Detects LOS, OOF, LOF, LAIS, LRDI, LOP, PAIS, PRDI and PERDI.
      • Provides individual divide by 8 recovered clocks for each channel.
      • Provides individual 8 KHz receive frame pulses for each channel.
    • SONET Transmitter
      • Synthesizes the 155.52 MHz transmit clock from a 19.44 MHz reference.
      • Provides a single transmit frame pulse input to align the transport frames to a system reference.
      • Provides single transmit clock as timing reference for transmit outputs.
      • Inserts register programmable APS (K1, K2) and synchronization status (S1) bytes.
      • Inserts PAIS, PRDI, LAIS and LRDI.
      • Scrambles transmit data stream.
    • ATM Processor
      • Implements the ATM Forum User Network Interface Specification
      • Inserts and extracts ATM cells into and from the SONET SPE.
      • Performs cell payload scrambling and descrambling.
      • Provides a UTOPIA Level II compliant system interface.
      • Provides synchronous 4 cell transmist and receive FIFO buffers.

      Technology: CMOS
      Package: unknown 0 Pin

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