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  • Infineon (Infineon Technologies AG ) : PXB 4350

    ATM Layer Processor


    • Performance up to STM-4/OC-12 equivalent ATM layer processing throughput up to 687Mbit/s bi-directional
    • Up to 16384 connections in both directions (VPC/VCC)
    • Header Verification and built-in or external Address Reduction
    • Policing according to ITU-T I71 and ATM Forum UNI Specification
    • UPC/NPC function capability on a per connection basis for up to 16384 connections
    • Up to 3 Leaky Buckets (LB) per connection with 2 parallel branches
    • Flexible Policing of each port specific cell flow (user data, F4 RM, F5 RM, F4 segment OAM, F5 segment OAM, F4 end-to-end OAM, F5 end-to-end OAM)
    • Multicast (spatial / logical) in downstream direction
    • OAM Levels and Flows (F4/F5) according to ITU-T/I10 and Bellcore GR-1248-core
    • Extraction and insertion of OAM (AIS, RDI, CC; LB) , RM and 2 programmable cell types
    • Extraction and Insertion point configurable for F4 and F5 Flow (segment and end-to- end)
    • Traffic Measurement according Bellcore GR-1248
    • Multiport UTOPIA Level 2 interface for up to 24 PHYs accto ATM Forum
    • Support for enhanced PHY addressing
    • Support of DMA for fast data transfer between external RAM and microprocessor
    • Intel 386 EX microprocessor interface
    • Boundary scan support according to JTAG
    • BGA-456 package
    • Extended temperature range -40+850C upon request

    Technology: unknown
    Package: BGA 456 Pin

    external WWW: Infineon Technologies AG : web page used to be available at:

    external PDF: Infineon Technologies AG : PDF documentation used to be available at:
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