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    The PD98410 is targeted at ATM switches (line concentrators accommodating a number of 155.52- and 25.6-Mbit/s lines) and routers. It has high-speed switching functions for directing fixed-length data (called ATM cells) received from one line to another line, the latter being selected according to the header information in the cell. Features are

    • single-chip ATM switching functions (including header conversion), which were previously realized using nine chips;
    • a high-speed, non-blocking switching capacity of 1.2 Gbits supporting up to eight 155.52-Mbit/s ports;
    • the connection of lines of multiple data transfer rates, enabling the switching of up to 24 x 24 logical ports;
    • four different QOS classes to support diversified multimedia application communication, as well as built-in ABR traffic control and EPD control, that is useful for increasing throughput; and,
    • high-traffic performance shared buffer architecture, that enables the use of cell buffers at high efficiency (that is, enabling the buffering of up to 51.2 k-cells).
    • Compliance with ATM Forum UNI versions 3.1 and 4.0
    • UTOPIA level 2 interface (8 bits, max. clock rate 40 MHz)

    Information used to be available at:

    Technology: 0.35 CMOS
    Package: BGA 580 Pin

    external WWW: NEC : web page used to be available at:

    external PDF:

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